Welcome to St Peter's

St Peter’s offers people across Henleaze and the wider area spiritual support and an experience of Christian community as Covid 19 makes a difference to how we live our lives. All churches are communities of people worshipping God through Jesus Christ, trying to put his teaching into practice day by day. St Peter’s invites you to join us in our exploration and development of Christian faith. We have active Children’s and Youth work and study and social groups for all ages. Our attenders span 10 decades in age: we aim to be as inclusive and multi-generational in approach as possible.
Our building is open for personal prayer and reflection every day, except when it's too windy outside and draughty inside to be comfortable! When the church doors are open, the church is open to visitors. We mount largescale displays including art, texts and audio elements in the church to give visitors food for thought, prayer and reflection in a Covid secure way. 
Our programme of services is:
8.00 am Communion in Church
10.00 am Communion Service in Church and on Zoom
7.30 pm Contemplative Service on Zoom
Monday - to Friday
9.15 am Morning Prayer on Zoom
10.30 am Communion in Church
Our Communion and Morning Prayer services follow the standard Church of England Common Worship Contemporary order.  Our Communion services last between 40 and 60 minutes and Morning Prayer 30 minutes. They can be accessed online or by phone.
Our 7.30 pm service has a three-fold character: it aims to be contemplative, creative and companionable. Its format varies from week to week: it usually lasts about 45 minutes and attenders frequently stay on for a chat. The current pattern is usually: 1st Sunday Poetry & Compline (within the simple service of Compline a poem is read and its meaning and significance for us today is discussed); 2nd Sunday Communion; 3rd Sunday Taize service; 4th Sunday Night Prayer & Reflection (A meditation is offered within a Celtic Prayer liturgy). 5th Sunday Creative Compline (... a creative, contemplative service!).
As well as worshipping together, St Peter’s invites people to make a difference in the local community and further afield. Our overall Vision is ‘Lives transformed by following Christ in love and service'. Our Mission is to ‘Worship God. Make friends. Change the world.’ Our Values are to ‘pray faithfully, act boldly, listen well and serve generously.’
St Peter's is keen to maintain and develop its regular activities through digital means as best it can. We run Bible Study, Prayer and Book Groups. We are also a registered Eco-Church, actively engaged in environmental care and climate change issues.
Please contact us by email (info@stpetershenleaze.org) or phone (0117 962 4524) for further information on taking part in our online worship, groups and activities.     
Everyone currently involved with St Peter’s looks forward to responding to your interest and meeting you in person when this is possible.
With my prayers and best wishes,
Mark Pilgrim


SPH Radicle and Rooted Youth Groups

Monday 17th January, 7.15pm

All groups together - The Wedding at Cana

Ladies Guild

Wednesday 19th January, 2.15pm

Sarah Williams. A life of purpose.

Thursday Holy Communion

Thursday 20th January, 10.30am

8am Holy Communion

Sunday 23rd January, 8.00am

10am Holy Communion

Sunday 23rd January, 10.00am

Today's service can be attended in church or on zoom. Please note LF Test and mask requirements when attending in person.

Night Prayer and Reflection

Sunday 23rd January, 7.30pm

Join us on zoom

Senior Film Club ‘Shall we dance’

Monday 24th January, 2.00pm

In the hall

SPH Radicle and Rooted Youth Groups

Monday 24th January, 7.15pm

All groups together  (Years 6 - 13) - The Calling of the First Disciples