Each Sunday evening St Peter’s offers a 7.30pm service running under the title Magdala which aims to be contemplative, creative and companionable, liberal in approach and with an emphasis on inclusion. At least two Taize songs are incorporated into each service.

To reduce St Peter's carbon footprint, rather than heat the church through Sunday evenings in the winter, we are meeting via Zoom. The Zoom Meeting ID is 470 149 9673 and Passcode: SPH.

The usual (but not only!) pattern is:

1st Sunday of the Month: Poetry and Prayer  We intersperse the simple liturgy of Compline with the reading and discussion of a poem, seeking to explore its significance for us, for the poet and for our understanding of Christian faith. The discussion is usually facilitated by Lindsey Traub, who used to teach English at Cambridge.

2nd Sunday of the Month: Contemplative Communion  A 'pared down', simple liturgy with a sermon which might include questions for discussion and a time for intercessions to which anyone can contribute.

3rd Sunday of the Month: Taize Service  A service using liturgy and six chants from the ecumenical Taize Community in France.

4th Sunday of the Month: Night Prayer and Meditation  A contemplative service of the Word, based on liturgy from the Iona Community and including a reflective exploration of a bible passage.

5th Sunday of the Month: Creative Compline  A service of the Word specially curated for the day by regular attenders or guests.

Attenders of the 7.30 Service are frequently interested in exploring a sense of vocation to work and minister in particular contexts. If this is your situation, come and explore this experience with some fellow travellers. As an Assistant Diocesan Director of Ordinands, Mark Pilgrim, our Vicar, is experienced in supporting people in their exploration of vocation.