About Us

St Peter's Church, Henleaze, is situated in North Bristol. We belong to the Church of England and are a member of the Diocese of Bristol.

St Peter’s response to the question ‘What are you about?’ was, in 2010, to embark on a Vision discernment exercise. With the opportunity for all those attending St Peter’s to be involved in some way or other in this initiative, the question became, for our Christian context: ‘What is God calling us to?’. After extensive participation and contributions from people in contact with St Peter’s, our response, as a community, is:

      ‘Transforming lives through following Christ in love and service’.
St Peter’s aims to implement this vision of transforming lives through following Christ in love and service with attention to three key activities – Knowing, Growing and Going. Each activity has three objectives – set out here and downloadable in our vision leaflet. St Peter’s structures its leadership teams, committees and working groups around 12 ministries to implement and develop our Vision according to these Knowing, Growing and Going objectives.
Knowing God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
We will seek to glorify God in and through our worship, offering a range of formal and informal styles to broaden participation and involvement of all ages 
We will deepen our understanding of God’s word through preaching and teaching that engages with biblical truth and contemporary life 
We will become more prayerful as individuals and in community
Growing in faith, commitment and trust as followers of Christ 
We will continually develop the range of groups and activities we offer, equipping us to model ourselves more fully on the teaching and example of Jesus 
 Ministry and Service
We will encourage the development of gifts of service and leadership in all aspects of our lives 
We will join together with our partners in Bristol West Deanery, Bristol Diocese and Churches Together in the Westbury Area to grow in faith, commitment and love
Going with God’s love into the world 
We will expand our loving care for those within and beyond our church community 
We will encourage the personal evangelism and witness of each member of the church 
We will continue to support mission outside our church and parish and around the world